Climate FieldView™ + Ag-Analytics

May 27, 2021

Two people shaking hands in a farmer’s field.

A large part of what makes Climate FieldView such an amazing tool for today’s farms, are the many partners that bring a wealth of innovative technologies to the table. This week in our Partner Profiles series, we wanted to take a moment to catch up with Ag-Analytics and ask them a few questions about Profit Layers®, an innovative platform that uses in-field data maps to boost ROI.

How long have you been a Climate FieldView partner?

It’s been a couple of years now. We’ve started working with Climate FieldView back in 2019 after completing our API integration.

Tell us a bit about Ag-Analytics, and your Profit Layers® platform.

Our mission is to make farmers’ lives easier by transforming data into insights that boost their bottom line.

To do that, Profit Layers® uses in-field precision data maps to pinpoint optimum locations for planting various crops, ideal times to spray, and those sorts of things. Farmers using the platform can analyze profits, manage their operations by zone, generate reports at the farm and field level, and even track profits over time.

What makes Profit Layers® such a valuable Climate FieldView partner?

It all comes down to profit-mapping. Where our partnership really shines is in helping farmers use Climate FieldView data to optimize decision-making. Profit Layers® uses direct data integration to migrate operation maps directly into our platform. They can then link up input costs to figure out how to improve their profits, field by field.

Once the maps have been generated, farmers can also use the platform’s embedded analytics tools to break down all their variables—everything from hybrid type, to spray operation, soil type and more. What makes those insights so valuable is the ability to pinpoint trends to drive profits higher, year over year. By giving farmers visibility into their true field-level profits, including location-based profits per acre, they can make smart decisions that boost ROI.

Anything else readers should know about Ag-Analytics?

You bet. If there’s one takeaway we’d like to get across, it’s that our company is a one-stop-shop for everything farmers need to increase ROI. In addition to Profit Layers®, we offer Soil Testing services, On-Demand UAV services, and a number of other vendor services to provide in-field results linked with Climate FieldView data.

To be successful, farming requires a multitude of decisions, season after season and field by field. Ultimately, we believe every farmer has the potential to elevate field performance and their profits. Our job is to provide solutions that take out the guess-work and help turn that potential into reality.

Where can growers learn more about your company?

You can learn more about Ag-Analytics and our Profit Layers® platform at You can also check out us out at or get in touch at to request a demo. And, don’t forget to tune into the Around the Farm Podcast and learn how Profit Layers® can up your farming game.