Climate FieldView™ + FarmTRX

August 9, 2021

Two farmers shaking hands in the field highlighting Climate FieldView + FarmTRX partner profile.

Smart farming has always been about innovation and making the most of what you have on hand. Which is why we’re pleased to highlight FarmTRX in this installment of our Partner Profile series. A yield monitoring solution dreamt up by a team of Canadian farmers, geoscientists, web developers and agronomists. FarmTRX puts powerful, precision ag tools within reach of all growers by letting them retrofit existing equipment. Here’s what the company had to say about this incredible development.

What does your company offer?

Essentially, what FarmTRX offers is a low-cost solution to precision yield mapping. We sell hardware that lets farmers retrofit any age, make or model of combine, for precision ag. The system lets them automatically generate yield maps within minutes of a data upload, along with corrective processing that detects and removes anomalies like headland turns, hills, and times when the combine is stopped or unloading. It also normalizes the data for multiple combines.

FarmTRX is an all-in-one offering, and includes one year’s worth of access to automated, corrected precision yield map generating software. It also comes with wireless, over-the-air software updates.

How long have you been a partner?

We’ve been a FieldView partner since 2018. That’s the year we developed a yield mapping format that could be exported directly into FieldView. More recently, we started offering our next generation, Yield Monitor 2.0, with CANbus compatibility along with the hardware needed for connecting it to FieldView Drive right in the cab. This means farmers can simultaneously use the FieldView Cab app and FarmTRX for live mapping, calibration and data syncing.

What’s the value to farmers in this partnership?

Probably the retrofit aspect. Farmers with older combines that don’t have an in-cab CANbus connection to FieldView can use the FarmTRX system to make the connection and take advantage of fuller, more complete harvest insights. They can also import automatically-corrected precision yield maps directly into their FieldView account.

Is there anything else that you want readers to know?

We want readers to know how dedicated we are to precision ag. We’ve got a rich history in Canadian farming and a mature background in tracking and mapping that serves as the backbone of our mission. We also know farmers have a million and one things to keep on top of, which is why we put so much thought and dedication into making FarmTRX as user-friendly as possible.

How can a grower learn more about you?

They can learn more about FarmTRX by checking out videos, case studies and product specs at They can also follow us on twitter at @FarmTRX, or find us on Facebook and YouTube.

Find out how to setup your combine retrofitted with FarmTRX here -