Driving field productivity with data: CLAAS Telematics Cloud API

June 9, 2021

Bring on the harvest: CLAAS Telematics and FieldView™ change the game with API launch

For farmers, keeping an eye on field data is nothing new. Since people first planted seeds in the ground, farmers have collected information on everything from soil conditions to crop performance, weather, rain, you name it—anything to help next year’s crop outpace this year’s. What is new are the innovative and ever-evolving ways Climate FieldView™ is helping today’s farmers collect and process data field by field.

Climate FieldView™ and CLAAS launch API integration

As part of that innovation and evolution, we’re proud to announce an important milestone in our partnership with CLAAS TELEMATICS—full API integration. Thanks to our March 15th live launch, farmers can now link their Climate FieldView account with CLAAS-generated data via secure cloud-to-cloud access.

Back up, what’s an API?

If you don’t have an IT degree and are unfamiliar with what an API (Application Programming Interface) is, it’s a software that lets two applications speak to each other. In this case CLAAS TELEMATICS and Climate FieldView. (Don’t worry, you won’t need an IT degree to get things set up. More on that below.)

In a nutshell, the launch of this new API means that collecting data down on the farm just got a whole lot more engaging. If you’re using CLAAS TELEMATICS, you can now check on everything from yield maps to grain moisture right through your FieldView account—factors that can help you increase your bottom line by:

  • Farming by the meter
  • Applying inputs like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and water only where they are most needed
  • Providing digital receipts of all your farm management activities
  • Recording sustainable practices

All with a few tablet clicks. Not bad.

What’s even better, is that taking advantage of the new API is as easy as 1-2-3-4-5. (That’s the number of steps you’ll need to set everything up.)

Ready to give it a whirl? Check out the Integration Guide to get started, or contact Climate Support at 1.888.924.7475 or support@climate.com with any questions.