Person connecting equipment with Climate FieldView Person connecting equipment with Climate FieldView Person connecting equipment with Climate FieldView

Enhanced machine compatibility brings new advantages to FieldView growers

March 22, 2022

When choosing the best digital farming platform for your operation, one of the most important considerations is machine compatibility. What platform will work best with your equipment – both old and new – to ensure an optimal experience?

FieldView is the most connected platform in the industry – backed by a large team dedicated to making it work seamlessly with the agronomic software and equipment of industry partners.

“Our team is focused on keeping FieldView as the leader in machine compatibility,” says Tanner Dunn, Global Manager of Machine Compatibility for Climate FieldView. “We want to make sure it works well with all your equipment – no matter what your machinery of choice.  Software and equipment are always evolving. FieldView is always evolving to keep up. We see our work as a critical part of customer support to ensure our growers get the most value possible out of the platform.”

For Dunn and his team, this means always finding new and improved ways to connect FieldView to more planters, sprayers and combines – including everything from classic to leading-edge machinery. His team supports regions around the world and includes electrical engineers, software developers and farmers all working together to make sure the platform is the most updated and best it can be.

Working with farmers in countries around the world helps Dunn and team to identify and understand key developments and trends in farming at a global level. It also helps them to come up with FieldView solutions ahead of the curve to benefit growers in Canada. In any given week, Dunn and colleagues will be engaged with a broad cross section of growers in spanning USA, Canada, Europe, South America and Australia.

“There are differences in every region,” says Dunn. “We’re able to see the big picture, which allows us to learn from different approaches and see what works in one area can also work in another. We might get feedback from a grower in France that gives us a head start on solutions for the U.S., or vice versa.”

Dunn and the Machine Compatibility team are off to a fast pace for FieldView upgrades in 2022, led by the recent release of the new FieldView Cab app version 11.0. This update is packed with a wealth of advancements to expand the advantages of precision farming under the platform. Other key developments for 2022 include:  

  • On the way! – Enhanced compatibility for Seed Master whether you are running Viper Pro or Viper Four with the Raven rate control module. This update will be in Private Beta testing this spring. If you are a farmer interested in testing this enhanced compatibility, reach out to your field team to discuss how to enable this on your account.
  • New compatibility with Ag Leader precision farming software bringing expanded cross-platform connectivity for a broad range of equipment.
  • On the way! – New Seeder Pass enhancements to allow you to collect data on more applications per pass. This upgrade will be in a data collection phase this year toward targeted commercial availability in 2023.
  • Enhanced compatibility for Seed Hawk. While Seed Hawk has been compatible for two years the new enhancements fit more display and rate controller options.
  • New Case AFS Pro 1200 compatibility.
  • New compatibility for New Holland T9 with PLM intelligence. 
  • Enhanced compatibility for Case mapping, allowing for a full range of both HD mapping layers and basic layers.
  • New John Deere Seed Star compatibility.

“Overall, farmers and dealers can look forward to broad enhancements for 2022 that will keep expanding for 2023 and beyond,” says Dunn. “Talk to your FieldView representative anytime for the latest information and to learn more about the specific compatibility for your equipment.”

Check the Climate FieldView Compatibility Guide before you upgrade equipment to confirm your choice will connect will within the platform