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Farm smarter with Climate FieldView™ Seed Scripts

February 16, 2022

The best farming innovations today are all about working smarter, not harder. This is the case with the Seed Scripts feature in Climate FieldView™ – an easy-to-use tool that addresses field variability to make sure your seeding decisions are optimized for the best results possible.

FieldView uses your historical yield data and satellite imagery, to provide prescriptions on nearly any seed brand in the industry, tailored to your unique yield or profitability goals. It combines field variability with knowledge of optimal seeding rates and crop heat unit ratings for commercial hybrids, to provide seeding rate prescriptions by zone in individual fields. The data is backed by proprietary field-testing results.

This type of consistent result is why a growing number of in-field farm consultants, such as Ken Martin of Veldale Farms near Woodstock, Ontario, have become strong advocates for using FieldView Seed Scripts as an essential part of their growing season.

“Every farm has different field variability and can benefit from this approach,” says Martin. “In the era of precision farming, I see Seed Scripts as the next logical step and this tool makes it very achievable. We’ve used it ourselves for several years and recommend it to the growers we work with. There’s a lot of value gained and that’s why we continue to use it. There’s simply no better way to make sure you have the best seeding approach to operate efficiently and fully maximize the yield potential of your crop.”

FieldView Seed Scripts are powered by unique research and scientific models, along with your field data, to optimize your seed investment.

There are two seed scripting options within FieldView. Manual scripting allows you to identify field variability, create management zones, select seed product, and assign rates on each field within your operation.  You can also choose to use the Seed Scripts tool to create scripts automatically based off the data and analysis the platform generates. After completing your scripts, you can export them to your equipment of choice to be executed.

To start using either approach, simply log into your FieldView account, select the field you want to write the prescription for, choose “Planting” on the prescription screen and continue following the process from there. The added precision of Seed Scripts can go a long way to saving costs, improving results, and overall boosting the profitability of your farm.

FieldView allows you to design seed scripts using FieldView allows you to edit seed scripts by using the scouting map

“Many farmers have a good handle on knowing that substantial variability exists in their fields, but when you use FieldView to get a detailed analysis it’s often surprising just how varied most fields are. That presents an opportunity for those who can customize their seeding to a variable approach that puts the right seed at the right rate for every zone of the farm. That’s what Climate FieldView can do for you. Where it helps the most is getting you the most value out of your seed.”

FieldView also makes it easy for you to measure the performance of your prescriptions and collaborate on scripts with an agronomist or partner. Learn more about seed scripting in our Knowledge Centre.