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FieldView and SWAT MAPS deliver one-two punch for knockout results

June 7, 2022

Top digital farming platforms that work well together can generate powerful synergies that bring tremendous added value to your farm.

This is the case with Croptimistic (creator of SWAT MAPS and SWAT RECORDS) and FieldView.

“The level of integration between FieldView and our software SWAT RECORDS is second to none,” says Trevor Friesen, Product Manager with Croptimistic. “Our teams have worked together to make sure everything syncs seamlessly between the two technology platforms. Growers using this combination will reap the rewards of having some of the best integrated data possible to guide their digital farming strategy and get the best results.”

As many growers are familiar, FieldView is a leading digital farming platform that allows you to collect, stream, and analyze operational data across farms and equipment. Its strengths complement those of the SWAT RECORDS software’s SWAT MAPS, which combine soil, water and topography layers into single high resolution zone maps that support digital farming strategies.

“The benefits of optimal integration means a higher sophistication and quality of information driving your success”, says Friesen, who has been in his role for five years and works daily helping integrate new customers with the system while also providing support to existing users.

“As the portfolio of options to support digital farming continues to expand, it has never been more important for those options to work well together. This is the advantage growers can capture by using SWAT RECORDS and FieldView. I can’t think of a better combination you can choose to have for the best, most complete information driving your farming decisions.”

SWAT MAPS supports strategies such as variable rate fertilizer, seed and herbicide applications as well as precision soil amendment and water management approaches. Data layers are collected using an autonomous mapping system called the SWAT BOX. A central datahub, SWAT RECORDS, is where SWAT MAPS and associated information is stored.

The Croptimistic also imports multi-zone soil sample information into SWAT RECORDS to help create variable rate prescriptions for a wide variety of controllers. The system focuses on soil-based data that is spatial in nature and represents permanent soil structures within the field. When used in combination with FieldView, this information integrates perfectly with the data on yield potential, weather, planting, and crop management inputs that FieldView provides.

“Fieldview offers an easy way to keep digital records, map trials, make better decisions and track crops all season long, along with field health imagery,” observes Friesen. “Mapping with the FieldView Drive provides an easy way to collect data in a cab with a great visual and no need for USB. Our partnership enables a two-way flow of information between the two technology platforms that results in an experience similar to using one system. All you need to do is connect your FieldView and SWAT RECORDS accounts.”

While the SWAT RECORDS software can import planting, spraying and yield data from FieldView, it can also send its proprietary SWAT MAP images to the FieldView platform so farmers can take advantage of both technologies seamlessly, he explains. “As SWAT MAPS are permanent, farmers can always use them to make proactive management decisions about their fields at any time of the year.”

The benefits keep growing year after year as additional features are added, he notes. For example, Croptimistic recently launched SWAT WATER. “After two years of development, SWAT WATER will enable our partners and clients to have a complete surface and subsurface ‘picture’ of soil hydrology. SWAT WATER maps are updated weekly and deliver information to farmers for variable rate irrigation, in-season topdressing, and fungicide related management decisions.”

The advantages of this airtight integration extend beyond just the technologies to also the people using them, he observes. “Being able to sync between the farm and consultants is key to keeping everybody informed. This allows all parties to have access to the data layers that's needed to make informed decisions.”

The instant, real-time, wireless nature of the connectivity fits the next generation of digital farming, he notes. “There’s no lag time. All the data is there updated whenever you want it. To have this level of data transfer between both systems is a huge advantage for efficiency and quality of the user experience.”

The combination of data gives a complete view of some of the most important key details farmers need to know to maximize yield and other key results, he says. “Everything is targeted to the areas that bring the most efficiency and profitability. For example, our relationship with FieldView has become a cornerstone to a new goal for us which is building a leading-edge yield potential program. For our SWAT MAPS customers, we want our relationship to provide them with connections and tools that bring added value to their business. FieldView makes this goal and the process to get there very simple for us.”

The process to connect FieldView and SWAT RECORDS accounts is simple, he says. “For our users, it’s as easy as opening up your SWAT RECORDS account and clicking on the prompts to connect to your FieldView account. It’s a similar experience going the other way around. There’s really no barrier to quickly and simply integrating the systems.”

You can learn more about Croptimistic Technology’s, SWAT MAPS and all FieldView partners at https://climatefieldview.ca/partners. You can also visit SWATMAPS.com, send a twitter message at @swatmaps, or email for more information at support@swatmaps.com.