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Integration with partner options fuels Climate FieldView success

February 25, 2022

As the toolbox of options to support your farming strategy continues to expand, it has never been more important for those options to work well together.

This is an area where Climate FieldViewTM has emerged driven by its vision to ensure they are the most connected platform in the digital farming industry. Through an ever-expanding roster of partnerships, FieldView is compatible with many solutions enabling automated data sharing and integration.

“Gone are the days of manually transferring and integrating information,” says Mark Brock, a FieldView grower who farms near Hensall, Ontario, growing corn, soybeans and winter wheat. “The future is all about compatibility among tools and systems. In our experience with FieldView, we have integrated more tools over time that work well with the platform. This has been a key part of our evolution getting deeper into digital farming that has added a lot of value to our approach.”

Brock regularly recommends FieldView to other growers as an excellent platform for compatibility with a wide range of other digital farming software and tools. “It’s a big advantage to have a platform that allows you the flexibility of many options to not only find the right fit for your farm today, but to evolve with you over time. Along with the easy connectivity to other options it offers, it’s a great choice to allow you to cover all the bases and have a set-up that is tailored to your own preferences.”

The platform can capture field data through the FieldView Drive, a piece of hardware plugged into the diagnostic port in the cab of your equipment. It uses Bluetooth technology to stream agronomic data from the equipment to an iPad before being synced with the user’s FieldView account. The platform also connects with other digital tools in the industry. Growers can view a full list of featured FieldView partners here.

Brock has used technology on the farm since 1999 and has an interesting backstory as the first farmer customer of the platform in Canada transitioning into digital farming. He has used an increasing number of FieldView applications, features and integrated partner options over the years. He started using the platform with data capture on a new planter. When it was time to upgrade the sprayer, he added data capture to that equipment as well, then also to harvesting equipment. Today he integrates FieldView with options such as Ag Leader AgFiniti + SMS Software, which he likes for deep dive analysis on key variables.

“We’ve always liked FieldView as the main platform that serves as the hub for everything,” says Brock. “The ease-of-use is a main reason including the user interface which is very intuitive. This is also a big advantage we see with how it integrates with other options.”

Brock also integrates soil data layers into FieldView and uses different field scripting and profit analysis options. He finds capturing data from different sources works well both in terms of sharing and integration that provides a range of analysis and applications. “FieldView is very good at all of this. It’s the best I’ve seen as far as having a very intuitive user interface to visualize, organize and manage your data.”

For any growers getting into digital farming or looking for ways to improve their approach, Brock advises the most important thing is start with a clear goal for each year and plan how to measure that with key performance indicators. “There’s so much you can do but I’ve found to be successful, it’s so important to identify your ultimate goal, to guide everything you’re doing. FieldView provides a lot of value when you have that plan in place to not just use it but know what you want to achieve with it.”

 FieldView offers capability to share information with your team members, both on the farm and off site, notes Brock. For example, he shares data and coordinates strategy with his equipment dealer, agronomist and Bayer representative. “With everyone using the app on their device, we can all easily have access to the same information. Anything we want to collaborate on can be done using FieldView as the main platform, from which each of us can also integrate our other preferred compatible digital tools.”

Learn more about all aspects of the platform here.