This Is My Story: Jessica Leblond

September 15, 2021

Jessica Leblond making a selfie standing in the corn field

Jessica Leblond may be fluent in both English and French, but since joining the FieldViewTM team in May of 2021 as a COS (Customer Operations Specialist), she’s learning a third language. One that’s one part technology, one part Agribusiness and one-part friendly neighbour. It’s called “Farmer” and while she’s picked it up (and her job) quickly, it was a bit overwhelming to begin with. As Jessica recalls, “From day one, we have an intensive three-week boot camp. They were just throwing all this terminology at you about seeding, spraying, and harvest. And it was very much a culture shock considering I didn’t grow up around farming. I felt pretty lost those first three weeks, but I just immersed myself into it and it's been really interesting.”

But it wasn’t just the language that was new to Jessica. She was also amazed at what it means to be a farmer today versus what was in her head growing up. In fact, it was a bit of an eye opener.

“I was very surprised at how truly digital farming has become. I had no idea. I had visions of old-school farmers on tractors in their fields. I had no idea how big of a part technology plays in the day-to-day lives of farmers across the country. But I do now. And it’s amazing.”

Jessica Leblond making a selfie with her partner by the lake

As a COS, Jessica spends her days communicating with farmers across the country in both official languages, answering their questions, managing their preferences, and dealing with subscription renewals amongst other things. For her, it’s all about making sure the farmers she deals with get what they need from her. Ultimately, it’s about making FieldView users feel like they’re being listened to and taken care of. Jessica puts it like this:

“Most of what I deal with are smaller issues. And the farmers I deal with are really nice about it. I’ve never had a grower get upset with me. But I see my job as making sure those smaller things don’t turn into bigger issues. And I think when I deal with their issues quickly, that’s something farmers appreciate.”

And that same desire to keep things running smoothly applies to her French-speaking FieldView customers as well.

“I think they're really happy to be able to have service in French. It just means more when you can deal with someone in your first language, and I love that I get to use my French pretty much every day too.”

When asked to sum up what it’s like to work on FieldView in a sentence or two, Jessica didn’t hesitate. “Everyone is really nice. Everyone is really chill. And everyone is really understanding.” Sounds like a pretty good job to us.

Jessica Leblond with her two dogs in a passenger seat in a car

When Jessica isn’t working to help FieldView customers across the country, you’ll find her spending time nerding out on video games and board games along with their two dogs, Princess (a 17-year-old Pomeranian Poodle), Suki a rescue and her two cats Oreo and Marquise.