This Is My Story: Rosie Dwight

July 29, 2021

Rosie Dwight with her husband standing in the farm field

Growing up in South Africa near her Uncle’s Dairy Farm, Rosie Dwight, knew two things for sure. One. She absolutely loved being on the farm. And two. Her dream was always to marry a farmer. Now, all these years later, she’s working in Ag as the newly appointed Field Product Specialist for Western Canada and more importantly, she married a farmer. Well, he’s more of a cattleman, specializing in beef cattle efficiency, but hey, that’s more than close enough. 

Rosie’s road to a career in Ag and a home in Canada was anything but conventional. She moved to Texas to earn her Doctorate of Geography at Texas A&M. There she met her soon-to-be husband who grew up on a small cattle farm just outside Calgary. After tying the knot in Texas, the couple made their way north to that same cattle farm, which they now call home.

Rosie Dwight with her husband hiking in the summer by the sea

Now all she needed was a job. As Rosie put it. “I had to jump into the Canadian job market as a brand new never been employed before 20 something years old. My expertise lay within geographic information systems GIS, so I have been trained to think spatially and basically analyze any spatial data. I ended up coming across this job with Climate and thought it was absolutely perfect for me because it got to merge my two loves… Spatial thinking and spatial analysis and mapping with agriculture.”

Her first job with Climate FieldViewTM saw her focussing on the onboarding of growers and helping them with their initial journey with FieldView. It wasn’t long before she realized just how much farmers could benefit from the platform. “Farmers have so much data, even if they don’t know it. FieldView really brings it all together letting you stack that data and use your spatial insights to figure out ‘Did this fertilizer application pay off?’ ‘Did this fungicide spray pay off?’ or ‘Should I have changed my seeding rates?’ I loved being able to work with growers to see how FieldView will be a fit on their operation.”

And while Rosie loved her time helping farmers getting up and running, she’s equally excited about her new role as a Field Product Specialist. And there’s good reason. “I love working with the science team. Because I have my doctorate, there’s that need in me to be able to speak more on a scientific level but yet I still want to continue to help farmers.”

Leaning in to make her point, Rosie went on to say, “So it’s the perfect niche position where I get to see what’s coming down the line in product, I get to speak the language of coding and developing, and I get to disseminate that information to growers.”

Clearly getting excited by her work, Rosie expanded further, “I count myself privileged because the science team doesn’t get to see their tools implemented. And growers never get to see the development of new tools and features. I get to see it all.”

But creating tools and features for Climate FieldView isn’t just a one-way street going from the Climate FieldView development team to farmer. It’s actually more of a conversation. One that Rosie relishes. “That’s definitely part of this position too. I’m keeping a pulse on what growers in Western Canada need and communicating that back to our product team. It’s about having a good idea of what our growers need and working with our FieldView teams globally to see what we can do to bring those features to market here in Western Canada.”

And as a new “Western Canadian”, nothing could be more important than that.

When Rosie isn’t busy with the world of digital farming at Climate FieldView, you can find her (and her husband) hiking, biking and being new to the wonders of a Canadian winter…. skiing. They’re also involved with their local church as well as helping out her in-laws on the farm.

Rosie Dwight skiing in Alberta, Canada