Troubleshooting your field data for a problem-free future

July 14, 2021

A farmer is walking through the field and looking into field data on an iPad


We’ve all made a few.

Whether in farming or life in general, mistakes are part of life. The trick is to correct your mistakes, so they don’t turn into issues down the line. Here at FieldView, we can’t help you with mistakes you make off the field, but we can help you fix any data errors you made this season, to help you make the most of Yield Analysis after harvest.

Overall, troubleshooting with Climate FieldView is relatively painless. Whether you discover that you gave a crop the wrong name or mislabeled a hybrid/variety, fixing those mistakes is as easy as a few taps through our web data cleanup tools. (If only all of life were this easy).

Welcome to Data Cleanup Season

With summer bearing down on us, we’ve put together a few tips to help you make the most of what we’re calling “data cleanup season”. Here’s how to make sure your data is good to go for when  harvest comes.

1. Manually upload data into FieldView via the Data Inbox at

If you aren’t running equipment that’s compatible with the FieldView Drive you might be able to use the Data Inbox to bring in historical data.  As long as your data is compatible, you can upload everything from historical field boundaries to planting, harvest or soil files for future reference. 

2. Fix data quality when using Data Inbox

Before importing your data into the Data Inbox, you have the option to update and change it to make it more accurate.  You can use the Data Inbox to delete the bad data and replace it with the corrected version. Keep in mind that as a FieldView farmer, you’ve always got the ability to edit your data, whether it’s changing a crop type, renaming a hybrid/variety or deleting fields all together.

3. Creating maps using the FieldView Cab App

If you find yourself looking at your equipment and none of it is compatible with the FieldView Drive and then you look at your data files and realize they aren’t compatible to be uploaded into Data Inbox, no problem, FieldView can help you there too. How? The Climate FieldView Cab app lets you create manual maps for everything from planting to application, tillage to harvest, that can be loaded up for future reference. Simple.

4. Correct crop data with our fix-it-tool

Sometimes a quick fix is all you need to get back on track. To make little fixes as quick and easy as possible, the FieldView fix it tool lets you update crops, or hybrid/variety names. Simply log into your account at, follow the prompts and make all the changes you need with a few taps.


We hope that helps! With summer here, take advantage of what precious downtime you might have, to ensure your data’s as clean as a whistle for the upcoming harvest season Remember, as a Climate FieldView customer, you can also reach out to our support team at 1-888-924-7475 or and get all the help you need.

Happy summer!