Farmer in wheat field holding iPad. Farmer in wheat field holding iPad. Farmer in wheat field holding iPad.

Work smarter with Field Health Imagery and scouting tools

July 25, 2022

As a FieldView™ grower you have many tools to help make this growing season your best one yet.

One of the most effective ways to get the best return on every acre is to take full advantage of FieldView’s Field Health Imagery and scouting tools.

These features give you more power to see, understand and manage what’s going on in your fields anytime, anywhere – all with the touch of a screen.

Get a complete picture with Field Health Imagery

FieldView delivers high-quality Field Health Imagery using satellite images, to deliver an easy-to-scan, information-rich picture of field health status. You can use this information for monitoring crop progress, prioritizing scouting areas and taking quick action to protect against weeds and disease.

There are three image categories that together can help you answer your critical field health questions:

  • Vegetation Image – Generated using the Climate Crop Index (CCI) which calculates green vegetative biomass.
  • Scouting Image – Helps you quickly identify field areas recommended for scouting by showing variability identified within the Vegetation Image.
  • True Color Image – Shows a real-world field view that brings to life the comparison with Vegetation and Scouting images while further helping to identify any challenges that need attention.

Learn more in our FAQs on Field Health Imagery.

Use scouting tools to identify and address issues

With Field Health Imagery identifying areas that need attention, you can mark and share information about these spots on FieldView using scouting tools.

This feature allows you to create scouting pins, field notes or add photos directly on the FieldView maps shared among the farm team – helping everyone work together to identify, assess and respond to potential issues. Check out our Complete Scouting Guide to get the most out of these tools.

Get the highest returns on every acre

Here are a few tips when using these features, to help you get the highest returns on every acre:

Look for areas with low biomass – these may need attention. When you view Field Health Imagery, look for areas of your fields that may need a field visit to fully assess the plant health of your crop. Biomass is a great indicator of this – scan the imagery to look for areas where biomass is lower (for example, the red areas), making the lowest biomass areas the priority for follow-up.

Use the pin drop scouting tool to flag spots that need follow up. When you identify these areas that are progressing slower and need attention, use the ‘pin drop’ scouting tool to flag that area. A pin will appear on the map to make sure you and anyone else helping out – for example your agronomist, farming partner or crop advisor – can see exactly where to check.

Create field region reports to increase precision. Creating field region reports is a great option to dial in further on your fields. This advanced scouting tool provides a better understanding of the variability in your fields, including identifying yield-limiting factors by analyzing seed performance or management practices in specific regions of your fields after harvest.

Learn how to use field region reports.

Set-up notifications to help you keep on top of needs. You can further enhance your approach by enabling notifications for a range of developments. The notifications options built in to FieldView include email and in-app notifications that give you a real-time heads up on when you get new FieldView Images to help identify issues, progress and performance.

Get ready for your best crop year yet

The combination of top-end Field Health Imagery and scouting tools gives you a one-two punch to achieve knock-out yields for an amazing 2022.

Your FieldView team is always here to help - don’t hesitate to reach out. FieldView makes it fast and easy for you and anyone else on your farm team to connect, collaborate and respond quickly to both challenges and opportunities so you can get the job done right with optimized efficiency and results.

Check out our Knowledge Centre and contact out team anytime.