Climate FieldView + Croptimistic Technology’s SWAT MAPS

March 18, 2021

Climate FieldView + Croptimistic Technology’s SWAT MAPS header image

Welcome to the second installment of our ongoing Partner Profile series. In Partner Profiles, you will learn more about the technologies our partners offer, and the companies behind them. These partnerships help make FieldView the most connected platform in the industry, providing farmers with the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and usable data. In this installment, we asked the team at Croptimistic Technology a few questions about their product SWAT MAPS and their SWAT ecosystem.

How long have you been a partner?

We have been working with Climate FieldView in Canada for some time. We completed our API integration with Climate FieldView in 2019 and have been a partner since. Our API integration is two-way; we can push our SWAT MAPS to the FieldView platform, and we can pull planting/spraying and yield data into our SWAT Records ecosystem, if a user chooses to enable the connection.

What does your company offer, and how does it help farmers?

Croptimistic’s SWAT MAPS are very useful to farmers because they combine soil, water and topography layers into a single zone map that forms the foundation for variable-rate fertility, planting or irrigation programs. This “ground up” spatial approach creates perfect tools to aid in proactive farm management decisions.

It works like this. The data layers are collected using an autonomous mapping system called the SWAT BOX. The SWAT BOX will automatically collect soil electrical conductivity and high-accuracy elevation data that, when combined with soil organic matter, water flows, and topography, create our patented and highly accurate soil zone fertility potential map.

A central datahub, SWAT Records, is where SWAT MAPS and associated information is stored. We also import multi-zone soil sample information into SWAT Records to help create variable rate fertility prescriptions for a wide variety of controllers.

We focus on soil-based technology that is spatial in nature and represents permanent soil structures within the field, which integrates perfectly with the data on weather, planting, and crop management inputs on FieldView.

What is the value to farmers in this partnership?

Our partnership with FieldView enables two-way flow of information between the two technologies for users who choose to connect their accounts. While we import planting, spraying and yield data from FieldView, we also send our SWAT MAPS images to the FieldView platform so farmers can take advantage of both technologies seamlessly. As SWAT MAPS are permanent, farmers can always use them to make proactive management decisions about their fields at any time of the year.

Is there anything else that you want readers to know?

Absolutely. We recently launched SWAT Water. After two years of development, SWAT Water will enable our partners and clients to have a complete surface and subsurface “picture” of soil hydrology. SWAT Water maps are updated weekly and deliver information to farmers for variable rate irrigation, in-season topdressing, and fungicide related management decisions.

How can a grower learn more about you?

You can learn more about Croptimistic Technology’s, SWAT MAPS and all FieldView partners at You can also visit, send a twitter message at @swatmaps, or email for more information at