FieldView Cab Chats – Episode 2: Andrew & Dave

September 8, 2020

It’s time for the latest episode of Cab Chats, your place to get the latest on Climate FieldView from Canadian farmers. After all, they know best!

On this episode, Andrew Elgersma, Climate Business Manager, chats with Dave Spring, farmer from Elmvale, Ontario. Dave is a fan of FieldView as he uses the data to help him make the best decisions for his operations, crop after crop and season after season. Hop in the Cab and listen as Andrew and Dave get into:

  • Dave’s journey to FieldView adoption
  • Variable rate seedscripting
  • How FieldView plays a role in product and hybrid selection

Watch the video below and listen in as we hear how FieldView is working hard to make the most of Dave’s data.