FieldView Cab Chats – Episode 3: Daniel & Jakob

December 17, 2020

Welcome to the latest episode of Cab Chats, where we talk everything Climate FieldView™ with farmers across the country and how they use their data to make the most of their operation.

On this episode, Daniel deMoissac, Climate Business Manager digs deep with Jakob Buhler, a farmer from Embrun, Ontario. They start, with what else….the weather…and move on to how Jakob uses Climate FieldView to maximize his yields while minimizing cost.

Take a seat and listen in as Daniel and Jakob discuss:

  • Monitoring his and his client’s fields year over year for maximum efficiency.
  • Sharing his data with trusted advisors to get ahead of weeds.
  • Using data year over year to make decisions for next season.

Check it out to see FieldView in action with Jakob and Daniel.