FieldView Cab Chats - Episode 4: Chapin & Keenan

April 7, 2021

Time for the newest episode of Cab Chats. It’s your chance to listen to a real farmer talk about Climate FieldView™ with a real FieldView employee to see how they’re making their data work on their farms to help them make more informed decisions.

On this episode, Chapin Bell, Climate Business Manager catches up with Keenan Fahlman from Holdfast, Saskatchewan. It’s not long before these two get to the goods on how Keenan sees the value of using FieldView on his farm practically every day.

So, grab a cup of coffee, relax and listen in as Chapin and Keenan have a thoughtful conversation about:

  • Ensuring each acre is tracked individually, so that they receive the right inputs at the right time to maximize ROI.
  • Creating seed and crop protection scripts to take advantage of micro climates across his operation.
  • Using data year over year to make decisions for next season and beyond.

Check it out to see how FieldView can work for you.