FieldView Cab Chats – Episode 5: Sara and Taya

June 3, 2021

Woman in a tractor having a conversation over the phone.

Welcome back for another edition of Cab Chats. It’s that time again when we sit down for a conversation with a working farmer to chat all things ag, including how the Climate FieldView™ platform is changing the game, one field at a time.

This time around, Climate Business Manager Sara Yuzak chats with Alberta farmer Taya Page during a shift in the sprayer on a bright prairie morning. The two discuss how custom mapping with FieldView is simplifying the management of Taya’s 12,000 acres, and the role farming has played in their lives.

Sit back and join us as they discuss:

  • The ways FieldView helps Taya and her family farm more efficiently
  • Making custom maps to track wind and rain across field zones
  • Why Taya would recommend the platform to any other farmer

Hit play and learn how Climate FieldView can transform the way you farm.