FieldView Cab Chats—Episode 7: Leanne and Jesse

October 7, 2021

Cab Chats article header image with two tractors illustration

We’re back with another episode of Cab Chats. We always look forward to sitting down and chatting with real Canadian farmers about all the ways Climate FieldViewTM is helping them crank up yields, boost ROI and modernize the family farm.

In this edition, Digital Integration Specialist, Leanne Freitag connected with farmer Jesse Driedger from Essex County, Ontario, to discuss the upcoming harvest, how FieldView is helping make smoother conversations between input suppliers and crop associates, and whole a lot more.

Tune in and join us as they talk about:

  • The ways FieldView is helping them collect and analyze field data
  • Using the tool to streamline on-farm trials by removing the need for physical flags
  • Why Jesse recommends FieldView for making better management decisions

Ok, now it’s time to jump up into the cab, and learn how Climate FieldView can change your farming outlook. Thanks for joining us!