Get more done from the comfort of your desk

March 4, 2021

Canadian farmer managing his farm operations on a laptop computer

With another growing season upon us, we’ve been busy making the desktop experience on every bit as good as the app on your iPad, with the advantage of your larger desktop screen to work on.

Field region reports at your fingertips

A new feature you’re sure to appreciate is the ability to access field region reports on the web in your FieldView account, rather than just through the app on your iPad. This will make for a better user experience and time savings for all our users, particularly those with a large number of fields in their account.

Field region reports on your desktop gives you the ability to search or filter by farm or field, and for retail customers, by client. This means you can make your field and operation-level analysis on the larger screen of your desktop computer, which is seamlessly integrated with your FieldView app.

Get your fields in shape

Now you can also easily draw more accurate polygons and custom shapes on your desktop, giving you even more accurate data specific to the irregularities in your fields. This gives you the ability to measure the impact of any agronomic decisions you’ve made on any device you choose with a higher degree of accuracy.

The benefits don’t stop there. Subfield performance data can now be easily shared across devices. The “Fields” tab on the website is also more user-friendly, especially for those operating very large farms or large agri-business holdings across a number of locations. There’s also a new option to visualize fields grouped by farm, which includes a snapshot summary of total fields and acres for each farm operation.

It’s all close at hand, whether you're in the cab, field or office.

You work hard to get the most out of your fields. These new features on can really help you get even more. Check out this video we’ve put together to introduce you to these new, easy-to-use features: