Introducing FieldView™ Farmer Stories

January 16, 2019

We are excited to announce our new video series, FieldViewTM Farmer Stories

Over the course of 2019, we will share six stories that feature Canadian farmers using the Climate FieldViewTM platform. The videos will explore the details of their operation, their love of farming and how using FieldViewTM has impacted their farming success. FieldView Farmer Stories will share the experience of growers from across Canada and will include a mix of English and French-language farmers and their families. 

This month meet Mathieu Messier of Ferme CDM in Quebec and Josh Butler from Croton, Ontario, as they give us their insight on how digital agriculture and FieldView has impacted their operation.

New installments of FieldView Farmer Stories will be released every three months, so be sure to watch for regular updates to hear more about how Canadian farmers are changing the landscape by using Climate FieldView in their farming practices.


Farmer Stories - Meet Canadian farmers using FieldView™

We will announce each release on our @FieldViewCanada Twitter page, stay tuned!