Climate FieldView + SoilOptix® Partner Profile

February 25, 2021

Male and female farmers shaking hands - new collaboration between Climate FieldView and SoilOptix®

We work with industry partners to provide information across multiple platforms to make sure FieldView can help you make the most informed decisions for your operation. Through our partnerships, you are in control of your data, and can choose to exchange data between the Climate FieldView™ platform and connected solutions in just minutes. As always, we’re working to ensure we’re the most connected platform in the industry, providing the most comprehensive and usable data for farmers.

In our ongoing Partner Profile series, you can learn more about our connected partners, and how they make it possible for the FieldView platform to help you keep all of your data in one place. In this our first instalment, we asked SoilOptix Inc. a few questions.

How long have you been a partner?

SoilOptix® has been connected with the Climate FieldView platform since 2019.

What does your company offer and how does it help farmers?

The SoilOptix® system is a passive, non-contact sensor that combines the power of naturally emitted radiation from the soil with physical soil samples to develop soil nutrient and physical property layers. This data helps growers make the most informed farm management decisions that help optimize inputs, gaining an economic edge while helping to limit environmental impacts.

What is unique about your solutions?

Our mapping technology goes above and beyond traditional soil sampling methods in several ways. By collecting 335 data points per acre, we can offer higher resolution outputs. We are also able to provide individual property maps/layers for your farm and offer an extended soil sampling season. The data collected using our system is extremely stable and repeatable, giving farmers highly accurate year-over-year analysis.

What is the value to farmers in this partnership?

The value of the SoilOptix® system to growers is in the precise detail it offers. The high-resolution data allows growers to hone in on, and micro-manage problem areas in their fields and optimize their inputs. SoilOptix® data layers are easily transferable to Climate FieldView through our customer data portal. This gives producers the opportunity to evaluate and visualize their soil information while comparing against a variety of the data layers housed inside the platform. Additionally, with multi-year sampling, customers can also look at soil fertility changes year over year, giving you a clear picture of how management decisions are affecting the field.

How can growers learn more about you?

For a list of SoilOptix® Service Providing Partners please visit our website ( For support on accessing your data and/or connecting with Fieldview, please contact us at our general inbox or call our office: +1 519-902-7645.

Is there anything else that you want readers to know?

Since 2018, growers that have had SoilOptix® done on their fields can push their results to Climate FieldView. Please contact the Service Providing Partner who completed the work to get a SoilOptix® Data Portal account created. Users will login with the credentials we send and can then choose the fields and properties they would want exported to Climate FieldView. Connection to Climate FieldView through SoilOptix® Data Portal is available wherever Climate FieldView is accessible to growers.