Tech Support With A Heart For Agriculture

by Stephanie Lynch, Climate FieldView™ Customer Success Manager

October 11, 2019

“Hi, is Jesse available?” When a member of the Customer Success Team hears this question, we know exactly who is calling. It’s Laura, a farmer asking to speak with her favourite FieldView™ expert. Although he’s never been to her farm and they’ve never met in person, you wouldn’t know it by the way Jesse and Laura work together. Over time, Jesse has built enough trust and working knowledge of her operation that Laura, if she can help it, always goes to Jesse first with any FieldView questions.

We are invested in helping farmers navigate this new technology.

As one of the leaders of the Customer Success Team, hearing stories like this makes me proud. We know that integrating this platform into your operation doesn’t happen in a day. It takes time. We are invested in helping farmers navigate this new technology. 

8 Minutes or Less

Our call center is purposely located in the heart of agriculture. We want to be in a central time zone, experience seasonal changes similar to the majority of our customers, and most importantly, maintain a connection to agriculture. This extends to how many of us have a background in agriculture. Odds are, the customer success person on the other end of the phone or email went to school for precision agriculture or agricultural systems management. We also have former dealers, researchers and men and women who grew up on the family farm and know what it means to live this life.

We can do more than troubleshoot your technology.

Tanner, another exemplary member of our team, has become the go-to expert on building seed prescriptions for many farmers. During the last planting season, he was fielding calls, on his personal cell phone, about FieldView seed scripts. Farmers were reaching out to get Tanner’s tips and best practices. Tanner’s interactions with our customers are a great example of how we can do more than troubleshoot your technology. We are focused on helping you succeed in using this digital tool. We’ll assist in uploading data from past seasons, editing your field boundaries and learning exactly how FieldView can help get the most out of every acre.

13 Different Yield Monitors

Our relationship doesn’t end after you sign up for a subscription; it’s only the beginning. There’s a reason we call ourselves the “Customer Success Team.” When you place your trust in our platform, we are dedicated to ensuring you experience the value you expect.

Beyond those who reach out for support, we’ve also expanded our team to focus on what we call “the silent customer.” These are farmers who run into issues as they get up and running with FieldView, and due to their busy schedules, don’t get in touch with us for help. To address this and other needs, we formed a team of Climate Activation Specialists (CAS). This team provides on-farm, in-person support that help customers install their FieldView™ Drive and get their operation connected and collecting data. If you would like to schedule a CAS visit, please call our support line.

No question is too small. No problem is too complicated for our team.

We know you sometimes prefer a DIY approach or may need help outside of our office hours. We offer an entire Knowledge Center on with guides on virtually every function and feature of FieldView.

And whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user trying out a new feature, our Support page and YouTube channel tutorials give quick, step-by-step instructions on using FieldView. From creating an account to creating a seed script, we can help you through it! No question is too small. No problem is too complicated for our team. If it has to do with FieldView, we’ll find a solution.

800 Phone Calls

We hope you have a great harvest. We know it’s been a challenging year for many farmers, but you’re almost to the payoff. And don’t be shy about reaching out. Odds are, if you run into an issue, we’ve solved it before. When time is of the essence, it’s easy to forgo things like data collection when you run into technical difficulties. But before you unplug get connected with our amazing Customer Success Team. We might be able to find a fix much quicker than you think. After all, the whole reason we exist is to support farmers like you. As you’re out in the field or in the office, remember that we’re standing by, ready to provide guidance and get you back to harvest.

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About The Author

Stephanie Lynch, Climate FieldView™ Customer Success Manager

Stephanie is a Customer Success Manager for the Climate FieldView Business Operations team. Her team focuses on proactive engagement with our users to ensure they have the best possible experience with FieldView. We strive to provide digital farming’s best-in-class product support. Stephanie spent 3.5 years in a field role, supporting farmers and FieldView dealers, prior to leading the Customer Success team. Born and raised in Southern Indiana, she enjoys pioneering strategic development and implementation within Agriculture and digital tools.