This is My Story: Sunita Sharma

November 4, 2020

Unlike a lot of her co-workers at FieldView™, Sunita Sharma didn’t have any agricultural experience when she joined the team. As in zero, nada, zilch. But that wasn’t a surprise to those who know her. Throughout her varied career, it’s always been that way. “I'm the type of person who likes to learn. I like to be educated and I like to evolve. Having come from a tech background working in consumer electronics I saw Climate FieldView as this amazing tool where you’re able to get data from drones and satellite imagery about your crops… I wanted to be a part of that.” And now, happily for us, she is.

As Marketing Specialist at Climate FieldView, she works closely with the internal team as well as suppliers like her advertising and media agency to get the word out to farmers across Canada on what makes Climate FieldView so special. “I’m responsible for creating the content our Climate Business Managers use in the field to present to their farmers, growers and dealers. Plus, if there are any questions I have the tools ready to go on the backend like our website, one-pagers, videos or any other information they might need.”

It’s that innate curiosity to keep up with the world that drives Sunita in everything she does at Climate FieldView. “I would say change is what drives me most. It’s important when dealing with change that I’m not being reactive to it but rather proactive. It’s the same with Climate FieldView. We need to understand who our customers are so that we can proactively think of how we can share the tools that will help them most. There’s a new generation of farmers who are tough to reach the more traditional way. That’s a challenge I embrace.”

It’s her passion to connect with these farmers and the challenges they face that has her thinking beyond today to a time where Digital Farming and Climate FieldView will be a part of every farmer’s toolbox. “If I look 10-15 years down the line, this isn’t something that’s going to be a nice to have, but it’s going to be something they need. They’re going to leave their notebooks, paper and pens behind and replace it with things like Climate FieldView.”

One of the ways Sunita is looking to reach this younger generation of farmers is through initiatives like FieldView 360˚, a fully immersive 360 degree digital experience that works to show farmers how to put their data to work for their operation. As Sunita puts it so aptly. “Everything has gone online faster because of COVID-19. It’s interesting to see how we need to start thinking outside the box to communicate with our customers because talking to people face to face, isn’t always an option for now.”

When Sunita isn’t working to get the word out on Climate FieldView you can find her getting up to all sorts of things. “I used to love travelling with my husband. After we got married we had a bucket list of things we wanted to do. But because of the pandemic, that’s been put on hold. So I got into biking and basketball. I grew up being competitive in sports, so I don’t just want to play. I want to do well.” 

We feel like that sums up Sunita perfectly. No matter where she is or what she’s doing, work or play, doing well is what Sunita is all about. And we’re thankful to have her as part of the FieldView team.