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Seamless field data transfer for simple farm management

Historical field data uploading tools and in-cab data transfer

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Climate FieldView™ for Planning: Integrating with your equipment

Get a complete picture of your operation

Collect data and see your field maps build in real-time while easily storing that data in your account. Transfer historical data seamlessly between FieldView and other agronomic software providers, or upload data stored in other places.


Watch your field maps build in real-time with FieldView Drive™ or Precision Planting 20/20® SeedSense monitors in the cab. View equipment compatibility here.


Easily move historical data into your account from most major farm management platforms and equipment providers. Simple manual upload is also available. Learn more about our partners.


Help your agronomic partners get the data they need to make recommendations tailored to your operation. Share your unique field data from your entire operation, one farm, or single fields.
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We have a very good, interesting relationship with all our input suppliers. I share all the data and it just allows for smoother conversations.

Jesse Driedger

Seamless connectivity with FieldView Drive

FieldView Drive is an in-cab hardware device that plugs into your equipment’s CAN diagnostic port, capturing both machine and field data. It connects your equipment to your iPad® mobile device via Bluetooth®, allowing you to collect data and store it as you pass through your fields. FieldView Drive compatibility now includes many equipment types such as tractors, combines, liquid applicators, and planters to help you collect input data without the hassle of manual data entry. Field data connectivity also is enabled through Precision Planting 20/20 SeedSense® and Precision Planting YieldSense® monitors.

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Data visualization

Use digital maps to make the most from your field data.