Get Your Data in One Place
Multiple options
for easy field
data collection

Get a complete picture of your operation.

See your field maps build in real time and choose to share your operation with business partners and agronomic advisors. With Climate FieldView™, it’s easy to get real time data and historical data into your account.


Watch your field maps build in real time with FieldView™ Drive or Precision Planting 20/20® SeedSense monitors in the cab. View equipment compatibility here.


Easily move historical data into your account from most major farm management platforms and equipment providers. Simple manual upload is also available. Learn more about our partners.


Help your agronomic partners get the data they need to make recommendations tailored to your operation. Share your unique field data from your entire operation, one farm, or single fields.

Seamless connectivity with FieldView™ Drive

The FieldView™ Drive is an in-cab hardware device that plugs into your equipment’s CAN diagnostic port, capturing both machine and field data. It connects your equipment to your iPad® via Bluetooth®, monitoring and displaying your data as you pass through your fields. FieldView™ Drive compatibility now includes many equipment types such as tractors, combines, liquid applicators, and planters to help you collect input data without the hassle of manual data entry.

See your data
in real time

Visualize your field data as you move through the field, from hybrid and as-planted maps at planting, to sprayer maps through the season, to yield maps at harvest.

Monitor your Progress

Monitor your progress in real time with digital maps as you pass through the field, tracking population rate at planting and yield at harvest.

Stay in

Watch field activities, even when you’re not in the cab, with the remote view feature. Stay up to speed on what’s going on in each field, so you can more easily manage your operation during the busiest times of the season.

Share critical data

Share your entire operation, one farm, or single fields with your business partners and agronomic advisors to help you make important decisions.

With the FieldView™ Cab app, you get the harvesting and the planting both on the iPad®, stored in one place, which makes transferring and sharing it with my agronomist much easier.

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