Every farm is different, every field is unique. FieldView™ lets you collect and store your data all while providing opportunities to make the most of your inputs to accomplish everything you need to while spraying this season.

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There aren’t many other pieces of equipment on your farm that get to pass over your fields as many times as your sprayer. With all the different products being applied at different times and rates, you need a reliable tool to track everything that is happening. FieldView is here for you to be your digital notebook, putting full farm product summaries, application dates and weather information at your fingertips. Giving you the ability to understand what products paid off at the end of the season with tools to validate every in-season decision you made.

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Whether you want to try out a new herbicide, track the date and speed you sprayed at or optimize your fungicide inputs, FieldView is your farm partner to being more successful this season.

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Automatic Data Collection

The FieldView Drive is one of the easiest ways to collect as-applied equipment data. An in-cab hardware device connecting your equipment to your iPad® mobile device via Bluetooth®, allowing you to easily collect and store data as you pass through your fields.

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Try Out a New Product

It seems there are new fungicide and herbicide options every year. Use FieldView to track which products you put where to evaluate performance at the end of the year.

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Optimize your inputs

Crop inputs are expensive and not every field needs a corner-to-corner fungicide application. Use the crop protection scripting tool in FieldView to create an ON/OFF prescription in minutes to avoid spraying the parts of the field that don’t need it.


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“It’s really made a huge financial impact on our farm, being able to only have to spray what needs to be sprayed”

Micah Peterson
Red Deer, AB

Support every step of the way

If you need help connecting your FieldView Drive for capture of spraying data, contact your FieldView dealer or call our support team.

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Our Data Privacy Principles Put You in the Driver’s Seat

We know you care about how your data is used. And we do, too. That’s why when you use FieldView, you can feel confident that our commitment to data privacy ensures that you own your data, we do not sell your data, and you control how your data is shared.

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