Navigating the Climate FieldView™ Platform

Using FieldView™ is easy, let's break it down.

FieldView Web

Click Login / Create Account at the top of the page to access your account.

This is where you manage your account and complete analysis.

  • Data management (upload, fix, view)
  • Cloud partner and other API connectivity
  • Connecting with advisors​​
  • Account management
  • Prescription creation
FieldView App

Available free for download from the App Store or Google Play.

This is the app for Scouting and Analysis

Excellent for working with farm partners and advisors.

  • Viewing rainfall, radar and weather trends
  • Monitoring Field Health (satellite) Imagery
  • Viewing, storing and creating scouting pins, pictures and notes
  • Analyzing yield
  • Creating and sending field report summaries
FieldView Cab App

Cab App is available free for download from the App Store.

This is the app for data collection and reporting.

  • Setting up and connecting equipment
  • Tracking and setting up field trials 
  • Streaming live maps with the FieldView™ Drive 
  • Analyzing yield 
  • Creating planting, as applied and harvest reports