FCC AgExpert Field

Digitizing farm records to integrate your agronomic data with financial data. Providing you with a more accurate cost of production, leading to informed decisions that positively impact your bottom line.

How do we connect? 

This enhanced connection is a one-way transfer of data from FieldView to AgExpert Field facilitated through API integration. FieldView and AgExpert Field customers are able to transfer field names and boundaries, as- applied planting, application and harvest data from FieldView to AgExpert Field.

What data is shared? 

Your field names and boundaries, as-applied planting, application and harvest data will flow to AgExpert Field; AgExpert Field data is not shared back to FieldView.  Both AgExpert and FieldView are Ag Data Transparent certified and are committed to ensuring users remain in control of their information, client data is managed responsibly, and privacy is protected to the highest standards.

What is the value? 

FieldView users can now calculate the cost of production for each field using the AgExpert Field profitability feature, enabling them to optimize their inputs, reduce costs, and maximize their profitability. AgExpert Field users will be able to have their as-applied seeding, application and harvest data flow over from FieldView.