Users of Agrian can quickly send field boundaries and seeding prescriptions to Climate FieldView™ and retrieve their planting and harvest files from Climate FieldView.

How do we connect? 

The connection between Agrian and Climate FieldView is a powerful tool to connect growers and advisors while simple to set up. In Setup create a new FieldView integration and associate your grower(s). Upon connection bidirectional data will flow seamlessly. 

What data is shared? 

The integration between Agrian and FieldView gives you the ability to make the most of your data. With Agrian you can send boundaries as well as contribute prescriptions directly to a grower’s FieldView account. You can also receive as-harvested, as-applied and as-planted field data.

What is the value? 

Agrian’s seamless integration makes it easy for Agrian users to share and receive information from FieldView, giving you the power to make the most of the data you are collecting.