Croptimistic - SWAT MAPS

How do we connect? 

Through a two-way API, customers can connect their SWAT RECORDS to their FieldViewTM accounts.  New users to FieldView can import field boundaries from SWAT RECORDS. 

What data is shared? 

Once you connect through the API within SWAT RECORDS,  it will then send all of the maps that can be found in the SWAT RECORDS Mobile App folder as an image file and  can be viewed in FieldView (SWAT, EC, Flow accumulation, Elevation etc.). FieldView will then send all of the as-applied data to SWAT RECORDS, which can be viewed in the mobile app/desktop software. 

What is the value? 

This partnership adds zone-based, high-resolution SWAT MAPS from Croptimistic as key data layers in FieldView to help farmers and their agronomic partners better understand field variability and execute variable rate seeding and fertility prescriptions with confidence to get the most out of every acre.