DeveronUAS is an on-demand aerial imagery and data collection company. We collect the most timely and precise aerial imagery available when and where you need it – no contracts. Data driven farming today. 

How do we connect? 

The connection between DeveronUAS and Climate FieldViewis seamless and easy. Simply go to, click the “Login with FieldView” button on the left of the page, input your FieldView credentials and accept the sharing policy. Once FieldView is connected, your field boundaries will flow automatically enabling you to easily order imagery flights by selecting your field, the purpose of the flight and the requested flight date. 

What data is shared? 

Your field boundaries are shared to allow you to seamlessly and easily order flights. You now have the utmost confidence that imagery will be collected from the correct field at the correct time. 

What is the value? 

High-precision on-demand aerial imagery helps growers understand how the environment is affecting their product. Our imagery is used to evaluate stand and emergence, create variable rate scripts, crop scouting, crop damage, and much more. Growers, agronomists and COOPs can be confident our imagery will be available when it is needed – to make that crop production decision now.