John Deere Operations Center  

Users of the John Deere Operations Center can connect their accounts to Climate FieldView™, enabling them to export Script Creator prescriptions from Climate FieldView to the John Deere Operations Center.  

How do we connect? 

This enhanced connection is a two-way transfer of data facilitated though API integration. FieldView and John Deere Operations customers are able to connect their FieldView information to the John Deere Operations Center.  

What data is shared? 

Growers using both platforms can now easily transfer data across both platforms with multiple types and multiple brands of equipment. Field information can be shared within both platforms, including field boundaries, prescriptions, seeding, application and harvest data. Scripts can be generated in FieldView and shared to equipment via the John Deere Operations Center.  

What is the value? 

This two-way transfer of data will give customers more options to manage their data how they see fit and benefit from being able to seamlessly use both platforms. Providing visibility within both platforms strengthens the value of data by offering the customer the opportunity to link agronomic features to equipment capability turning data into actions.