SoilOptix® produces the most detailed high-definition soil mapping sensors that can accurately map over 25 different layers including macro and micro nutrients, pH, organic matter, texture and plant available water. With a resolution of 335 points per acre and data that is easily implemented into your Climate FieldView™ platform, SoilOptix® gives growers a deeper understanding of the variability in nutrients and textural-based properties of their field’s soil, which results in better optimization of input (fertilizer, seed, etc.) placement for economic and environmental gain. 

How do we connect? 

To connect SoilOptix® to your Climate FieldView, simply log in to the SoilOptix® Data Portal and click on your email at the top right of the web page to enter your profile. Under analysis settings, select the “Connect with FieldView” option to enable FieldView data transfer. Now when you open a field analysis, a button will appear to transfer the data into Climate FieldView. 

What data is shared? 

All of the soil property layers available within SoilOptix® are also available within FieldView, allowing you to integrate your SoilOptix® data with all your other data layers. Contact your SoilOptix® service provider for a full list of layers offered to you.

What is the value? 

With the vast number of soil data layers you receive with SoilOptix®, having them within FieldView allows for seamless visualization and management. View your SoilOptix® data side by side with other FieldView layers like yield or fertilizing applications. Once in FieldView, you and your agronomist can work together to tackle the troubled areas of your field.