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Track field health with satellite imagery all season long

Monitor your fields with satellite imagery to help prioritize field scouting

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Stop problems before they start

Find out what’s happening beyond the end rows with consistent, high-quality imagery that can help you identify issues early, prioritize scouting and take action to protect yield.

Prioritize scouting activities

Vegetation maps help you monitor biomass over time and feature advanced color mapping to provide a higher level of image detail.


Scout more efficiently with data on each field’s biomass percentage throughout the growing season. Save regions with images and notes when you spot potential issues on scouting maps. Print and share with agronomic partners to save valuable time.


The true color overlay option provides real-world images of your fields, so you can compare this view to vegetation and scouting maps.
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You can't solve what
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Optimize Your Inputs

Variable rate seeding

Maximize productivity with manual and advanced scripting options.